Getting Started

How to Consign

Getting Started

Are you downsizing, relocating or redecorating?  Do you have wonderful things in your home that you no longer utilize or that fit into your home’s current design scheme?  Quality Treasures is the perfect place to showcase your items for others to purchase and enjoy.

We will stage, advertise and market your items in our exciting showroom in order to give maximum visibility to a large number of buyers and ensure a quick and profitable sale of your goods.

All furniture sold at Quality Treasures requires pre-approval and scheduled delivery appointments.   Home Décor does not require pre-approval and can be brought into our store during consignment hours.   Check in at the front desk and then pull around to our back door to unload.  

 Normal Business hours:

Monday – Friday :  10:00am – 4:00pm

Summer Hours :

Closed Monday

Tuesday- Friday: 11:00am - 4:00pm  subject to change. Please call 1st.

Saturday:  By appointment


Are you ready to get started?


1. Submit a Request:


Please describe the items that you would like to sell.  Please include an accurate description along with notes on the condition of each item.  Attach at least one photograph per item listed, multiple views preferred.

Email – Requests emailed to will also be accepted.  If necessary, you may bring photos into the store on a digital camera or as hard copies.  Please call in advance to ensure that the proper personnel are available to review the request.

In-Home – A site visit may be appropriate and will be assessed using the following criteria.

  • Pre-disclosure of condition, style and age of the furniture
  • Large consignments, greater than 10 pieces of furniture or 3 full rooms.

Subject to Owner discretion and approval; not guaranteed.


2. Evaluation

Please allow up to 5 days for us to review and respond to your consignment request.  If your request is urgent, feel free to contact our store at (941) 916-9172 to expedite your request.

We will review your request and photos to determine if we have a demand for those items from our customer base, in addition to when floor space will be available to accommodate your furniture.  You will receive a response from us with an approval, request for additional information and/or communication regarding scheduling an appointment.

Please note that our customer’s buying patterns dictate what we bring into the store on consignment.  We will always do our best to recommend an alternative selling solution should your furniture not be a good fit for our store.  There is a market for everything, just need to get it into the right place!